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ACEnet Ventures, a nonprofit corporation, was established in 2000 to assist business expansion and create quality jobs. ACEnet Ventures’ strategy is to invest in businesses with growth potential, where the fund can draw on the expertise of its affiliate, the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet).

Currently ACEnet Ventures is focused on fixed rate, term business loans and not entertaining equity investments.  The fund does not disperse grants to any businesses. 

All loan funds currently are originated from loans to ACEnet Ventures and not from grant funds which are a permanent investment.  Therefore, it is critical that loan clients understand  that their responsiblity for repayment is taken very seriously no matter how small the loan amount.  As payments are received it allows for the funds to be circulated back out to other businesses to assist with their growth.

PARTNER OPPORTUNITY - Microenterprises in the food, beverage, or hospitality sectors can apply for loans through Boston Brewing Companies Microloan program. Visit for more information.

Loan Requirements

Aaron Thomas, owner of Class A Sounds, utilized a loan and technical assistance to start a car accessory business. His business has since expanded and he has added employees, new product lines, and a new location.

ACEnet Ventures only provides business loans and not personal loans.  The typical loan range is $2k to $180k with one loan pool going up to $350k.  A majority of the funds are to be used with another funding partner such as a credit union, bank, owner, or other private investment.  Clients are encouraged to utilize their Small Business Development Center to assist them in putting together their business plan and financials if they need assistance.  The better prepared the loan application is, the faster ACEnet Ventures can process the loan. 

ACEnet Ventures Application Requirements

  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Business Plan & Resumes
  • Three Year Projections
  • (Cash Flow, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet)
  • Historical Business Financials (if existing)
  • (Including Profit and Loss / Balance Sheets)
  • Past 3 Years Personal Income Taxes
  • Past 3 Years Business Tax Returns
  • Written List of Uses of Loan Funds
  • List of Collateral with Serial Numbers, Age, Costs

Additional Information If Applicable

  • Written Quotes on items to be purchased
  • Commitments letters (i.e. bank, client, supplier)
  • Insurance Quote or Proof of
  • Any Lease or Purchase Agreements
  • Partnership Agreement / Corporation Documents
  • Licenses & Permits
  • References
  • Owner’s Equity Summary
  • Copies of Titles or Deeds, if using for Collateral

Loan Application Forms: