ACEnet's services include:

Business Training
EDmap employees pack education materials.

Business Incubation

ACEnet staff provides basic shared and individual services that businesses need to start, expand, and create quality jobs. Office and light manufacturing space is available at below-market rates and often include shared office and specialty equipment and services that businesses would otherwise be unable to afford to purchase or lease on their own.

At the same time, staff encourages entrepreneurs to network with each other, sharing information and generating joint ventures (such as buying supplies together) that enable them to enjoy economies of scale typical of much larger businesses.

Business consulting services are also available to tenants at low-to-no cost rates.


Loan Funds

ACEnet's sister organization ACEnet Ventures provides loans ranging from microloans of $1500 to equipment and real estate loans up to $350k.

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Utilizing ACEnet

Businesses who desire to work with ACEnet are asked to complete the following steps in our intake process so that we may determine who we will best be able to assist:

  • Review the ACEnet Web site to determine if your business fits into the mix of businesses we specialize in serving.
  • Call ACEnet at (740) 592-3854 to schedule an hour-long orientation / product review meeting.
  • Once ACEnet confirms that your business meets the criteria of those we serve and an orientation meeting has been scheduled, the following ACEnet intake forms must be completed and sent to ACEnet:

General Intake Form

Confidentiality Agreement

Service Interest Checklist


*An intake meeting and completed intake forms are required before a business can use the Athens facility and/or receive technical assistance/consulting services.

Intake Fees

$40 per company


Building Business Capacity

ACEnet provides business counseling, training, ecommerce, and market access programs. ACEnet staff can provide overall business planning and financial systems training to both new and expanding sectoral businesses. We provide workshops on bookkeeping and accounting software applications, and preparing and analyzing financial systems.

We can also link you to other resource organizations in the region, such as the Appalachian Regional Entrepreneurship Initiative (AREI), Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and the Enterprise Development Corporation (EDC).

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Marketing & Distribution

ACEnet staff provides practical, hands-on training to firms developing market strategies. Staff members stay abreast of sector trends and market segments to help you investigate, analyze, and capture new market opportunities.

We help network food manufacturers to access local, regional, and national markets; brokers; and distribution channels. Our resources page provides up-to-date market information and access market databases while our on-line training center provides customized assistance. An extensive resource library is also available on site at the Food Ventures Center.

Product Development

ACEnet strives to assist our entrepreneurs in producing the most appropriate product for their target audience. Staff will either provide direct guidance in a particular sector, or refer a business to the most appropriate source.

ACEnet is nationally known as a leader in the food sector, and our knowledgeable staff can help entrepreneurs make their product idea a reality. On site product development includes everything from batching up a home recipe for mass production, to selecting appropriate packaging materials, to sourcing commodities, to linking your business with food science experts.

We provide workshops and one-on-one technical assistance on regulatory issues surrounding food labeling and food science, pH and shelf-life testing, nutritional analysis and product labeling. Focus groups and consumer tastings can also be arranged for direct feedback on your product formulation and image.