Business Incubation


ACEnet offers an array of training opportunities to promote the successful operation and growth of businesses. Our resources address both the specific needs of food manufacturing businesses and the more general concerns faced by all new businesses. ACEnet staff provides basic shared and individual services that businesses need to start, expand, and create quality jobs. At the same time, staff encourages entrepreneurs to network with each other, sharing information and generating joint ventures (such as buying together) that enable them to enjoy economies of scale typical of much larger businesses. Business consulting services are also available to tenants at low-to-no cost rates. Training resources, links to partner organizations, and information on business training programs can be accessed from our Training page.

ACEnet's Athens and Nelsonville campuses serve as the foci for its business incubation efforts. Partner organizations can rent the use of ACEnet's facilities for below-market rates that often include shared office space and specialty equipment that businesses would otherwise be unable to purchase or lease on their own. More information on ACEnet's facilities can be found on our Facilities page.