The ACEnet training page connects you to resources and worksheets focused on various issues you need to think about when starting up or expanding your business. Each summary includes key points and issues, sector specific and marketing terminology, and additional print and web resources to assist you as you develop your product.

Individual Training

ACEnet can provide one-on-one, individualized technical assistance to qualified entrepreneurs regarding business assistance not provided in group or virtual education formats.

Group Training

Student Entrepreneur Training Program (SET)
The award winning Student Entrepreneur Training Program (SET) curriculum, which was developed by ACEnet, is taught in several area high schools in southeastern Ohio. The one-year program provides students with the knowledge and skills to plan, develop and start their own businesses.

The SET curriculum is divided into two semesters. The first semester focuses on the development of a mock technology business. During the second semester, the students choose an actual business and create a business plan for that business. The intention is for that business to be operating and generating income by the end of the term. The latest technology is infused throughout the curriculum, which gives the students a competitive edge in today's high tech economy.

The curriculum has been professionally published and is available for purchase by school systems or by individuals for in-home instruction. For purchase information, please contact Angie Cantrell, Director of Business Innovation, at (740) 592-3854.

Business Education and Support Training (BEST)
ACEnet also offers the Business Education and Support Training (BEST) program for adults who want to start or expand their businesses. Through the BEST curriculum or other related classes, participants learn the steps and skills needed for sound business development. Topics cover the development of a business idea, market research, basic finances and accounting, marketing strategy, legal issues and human resources. Those essentials are then incorporated into a business plan for the prospective or expanding business. Copies of the training materials may also be purchased from ACEnet.

Virtual Training

ACEnet's on-line training center offers a wealth of information covering a multitude of business topics in a variety of learning formats. Our training center provides you with in-depth knowledge regarding starting up or expanding your business. The topics listed in the virtual training section were selected to assist users in creating strong, sustainable businesses while developing the capacity to scale up operations.