Food Manufacturing

ACEnet Food Ventures provides you with in-depth knowledge regarding starting up or expanding your specialty food business. The topics listed below include key points and issues, food processing and marketing terminology, and additional print and web resources to assist you as you develop your specialty food product.

Developing Products

Recipe Development

Cost Product

Target Market

Focus Groups

Suppliers (ingredients, containers, labels)

Preparing Your Product for Market

Product Liability

Production (ACEnet)

  • Facility Orientation & Use


  • (Specialty Niches)

Labeling Basics

UPC Codes



ACEnet Services

Accessing Markets

Food We Love Services

Food We Love is a marketing campaign that brands regional products under its umbrella. Group branding allows small businesses to pool resources to increase recognition for regional foods in the community as well as increase product marketing impact. As a part of Food We Love, ACEnet currently offers a limited distribution service that may include a locally made wooden display unit. This distribution is designed to benefit both producers as well as retailers.



Customer Complaints and Recalls

Selling to Retailers

Shipping and Delivery Alternatives