General Business

Business Education Support and Training (BEST)

Table of Contents

Unit 1 Introduction

   Chapter 1 Business Idea Development

   Chapter 2 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

   Chapter 3 Business Plans

Unit 2 Market Research and Analysis

   Chapter 4 Mission Statement

   Chapter 5 Target Market

   Chapter 6 Market Research

   Chapter 7 Competitive Analysis

Unit 3 Finances

   Chapter 8 Basic Accounting

   Chapter 9 Assets

   Chapter 10 Income Statement

   Chapter 11 Balance Sheet

   Chapter 12 Cash Flow

   Chapter 13 Break-even Analysis

Unit 4 Marketing Strategy

   Chapter 14 Positioning

   Chapter 15 Place

   Chapter 16 Packaging: Branding Your Business

   Chapter 17 Pricing

   Chapter 18 Promotion and Advertising

   Chapter 19 Marketing Plan

Unit 5 Legal Issues

   Chapter 20 Business Ownership Structure

   Chapter 21 Contracts

   Chapter 22 Federal and State Regulations

   Chapter 23 Insurance

Unit 6 Finding Funding

   Chapter 24 Evaluating Your Financial Needs

   Chapter 25 Six C's of Credit

   Chapter 26 Sources of Funding

Unit 7 Human Resources

   Chapter 27 Management Summary

   Chapter 28 Hiring and Firing

   Chapter 29 Customer Service

Unit 8 Compiling Your Business Plan

   Chapter 30 Putting It All Together


   Business Plans

      Appalachian Herbal Essentials

      Jack N' Jill's Lawn Care

      JR's Classic CD's

      RVC Fine Furniture


      The Basics of Microsoft Word

      Learning Internet Explorer

      The Basics of Microsoft Excel

      Setting Up Your Company in QuickBooks Basic 2002

      Depreciation in QuickBooks Basic 2002

      Creating a Flyer and Business Card in Microsoft Publisher



Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement Template